Bondage in Tokyo...Shibari!

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japanese bondage
Shibari - To Tie
I watched a recent episode of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown Tokyo. This sarcastic towering, chef, poet and word enthusiast managed to combine Tokyo foods with the bondage scene. Truly amazing. As you know MyLunaKiss has written about bondage before Shades of Grey was thought of as a book. 

Mr. Bourdain has traveled to Tokyo dozens of times and his love affair with the food is well known. Tokyo After Dark shows a mix of Cosplay, Fetishes, gaming obsessions and some major bondage.

Kinbacku - Japanese Rope Bondage

He interviews a woman that works as bondage master during the day but is submissive at night to her boyfriend. He performs Shibari aka Hojo-jutsu on her and it seems to be quite effective. Bourdain asks the group he interviewing "Who is into bondage in Tokyo?" and they both reply separately. ..everyone.

Definition for Shibari is "to tie" based on the martial art form of restraining which dates back to the 1400's but it was used to torture and imprison Samuri Warriors back forward to present day and this form for punishment is a form of ecstasy for the women of Tokyo (dating back to the 1800's) and the proper name is Kinbacku.

This type of rope knotting is viewed as an art form and erotica in Tokyo and other parts of the world including the USA aka Japanese Rope Bondage. Safety is a big deal in this realm.

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Confessions of a Mail Order Bride - Part II

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mail order bride
White Strapless Ballroom Bridal Gown

It's hard to imagine marrying someone you hardly know - most people might not but thousands of women do it every year. These women mostly from Russia, South America and Asia marry strangers for many reasons: a better life, an educational opportunity, a chance to wed an American man, an escape from a terrible situation.

Who can judge unless you are in their position...then you really know. This story was printed in Marie Claire back in 2000, but it is still a worthy read and it Oksana Makarova's story is an example of the stark reality that some foreign brides encounter and what happens when the ending is not like the fairy tale they imagined.

My Life as a Mail-Order Bride

To escape an impoverished life in Ukraine, Oksana Makarova married a Florida doctor who could give her young son a future. Things did not go as planned.As told to Kira Zalan.

If you are in a relationship that has become abusive. Don't be afraid get help. Visit You can call or speak to a trained professional online.

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Sexy Women over 40.. Not Married? NO! Why?

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Bridget Jones Diary - Single
Bridget Jones Diary - Single Heroine now in her 50's
Over the last decade there is an increase of sexy women over 40 that are SOLO (makes Sex and the City look like a documentary)...many residing in major cities across the USA.

The more educated females have less luck finding the right man but they have more choices. MyLunaKiss is not advocating that single women need to marry to be complete. It's your life and your choice! Marriage is not the answer for everyone.

According to the Pew Research study of 2010 (HEY PEW DO ANOTHER STUDY)!
"Marriage rates are now more strongly linked to education than they have been in the past, with college graduates (64%) much more likely to be married than those who have never attended college (48%)."
"The racial differences are even larger. Blacks (32%) are much less likely than Whites (56%) to be married, and this gap has increased significantly over time."
According to the New York Times article on More Men Marrying Wealthy Women:

Carrie Bradshaw - Sex and the City
Sex and the City: Carrie Bradshaw
Married Mr. Big in the End - Go Figure!
“Among all married couples,” the report said, “wives contribute a growing share of the household income, and a rising share of those couples include a wife who earns more than her husband.”
Desperate for Marriage - Single Women over 40
Desperate Plea for Marriage?
Cartoon Exaggeration on Female Marriage Obsession
We searched far and wide for stats on the current state of single women  in major cities and this is what we found:
  • Number of American using dating sites: 40 million (can YOU SAY WTF?)
  • Percent of New York state adults that are unmarried: 44%  (THIS INCLUDES MALE, FEMALE, TRANSGENDER, BI-SEXUAL, LESBIAN AND GAY). Source:
  • Percent of Washington D.C. adults that are unmarried: 70% (I GUESS THIS MEANS IF YOU WANT TO GET MARRIED YOU MAY HAVE A CHANCE IN DC?)  Source:
  • State with the lowest ratio of single people (Idaho): 40% Source:
  • Percent of singles that have Googled someone on the internet before a first date: 43% Source:
  • New York state has the highest percentage of women who have never married in all of America. While the percentage statewide is 34.8 percent (that counts New York women 15 and over, which seems a bit young to us, but, then, we're not crunching the numbers), that statistic is supported largely by the women of New York City, where never-married ladies make up 41.7 percent of the population. Source:  (U.S. Census Bureau in their annual American Community Survey (via WNYC)
  •  46.7 percent of New York City men have never been married. (MAYBE YOU SHOULD MOVE IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR MARRIAGE IN NY)
  • According to recent stats, single women outnumber single men in New York by 149,219, which accounts for the continuing argument some make that women who really want to find a husband should head West, like, to Wyoming, where never-married women number only 20.7 percent.  Source: The Plight of the Single Lady Nearly Half the Population of New York City Has Never Been Married.
Single over 40?

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